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Yunnan Province/Kunming City  Education / Training 100-499 people
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Art Palace cheese international is a member of Yunjun education, based on Aiyi Homer
More than ten years of fine arts education resources and experience, is a focus
In art basic education, it is also the only one in China that really gets through 3-18 years old
Brand organization of art basic learning.
Aiyi Homer education group was founded in 2003, is the largest quasi Shang in China
City aesthetic education group company. Quality education, college entrance examination training, academic education
Vocational education is the main business, carrying out the teaching research and development of art education and supporting teaching
Education software development, teaching facilities research and development and other related projects, is focused on aesthetic education
The technology group of Hui education.
The group completed the first round of financing of more than 100 million yuan in 2016, and completed more than 100 million round B in 2018
Financing, its educational institutions and schools cover the whole country. The group owns "Dutch"
"Horse education", "Chongqing Art Examination", "Aiyi online one-to-one", "Art Palace · cheese country"
"Ji" and other sub brands, focusing on aesthetic education for 20 years, are deeply trusted by students' parents
And social recognition.
The art palace cheese international takes 3-18-year-old children as the main service objects,
Age segmentation learning system to create refined learning content. Taught by Homer
Yu group is the backbone of China's five R & D centers and young people in combination with Sichuan Academy of fine arts
It is composed of artists and supports children's curriculum research and development with mature experience of art examination for senior citizens.
The course takes liveedu, online teaching as the education carrier, and adopts PBL project system
Activities and projects (creative art, digital painting, digital painting
Traditional Chinese painting, fine arts, science and art classes) to create immersive animation teaching scene.
Professional art courses will be transmitted to students through video, manual, programming and other means
Students, comprehensively improve the core quality of students.
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