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****td 认证企业 33天全球尊享版套餐
Tianjin City/Tianjin City  Education / Training 20-99 people
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As an independent campus center, lemangqing children's English Tianjin campus offers unique club style English teaching courses for children aged 2-12. So far, there are two teaching centers in Tianjin: Aoxi teaching center and Hexi teaching center. Le mang has independently developed a unique new English teaching system. It has invested a lot of money to restore the real life and teaching scenes in the United States, creating a small world in the United States, so that children can fully experience the latest teaching mode of English education for young children and stimulate their interest in learning. Through the systematic courses of vivid images and various kinds of member value-added club activities, we can comprehensively improve the English teaching mode of young children High school children's listening, speaking, reading and writing English skills will eventually provide strong adaptability and competitiveness for children to adapt to the future international living environment.
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