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****shan 认证企业 33天全球尊享版套餐
Jiangsu Province/Suzhou City  Education / Training 20-99 people
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Kunshan Canadian International School, founded in 2012, is the only international school officially approved by Jiangsu Provincial Department of education. As an IB world school, we firmly believe that everyone is a mineral with countless gems, which can only be revealed by education. Our mission is to help each student maximize his potential, cultivate a world citizen with international feelings and fraternity, and advocate cross-cultural understanding and collaborative cooperation, so as to jointly create a better and more peaceful world.
We adopt IB curriculum system, take the development of "international feelings" as the cultural core, take the international education concept as the extension, pay attention to the improvement of students' basic academic ability, highlight the cultivation of humanistic spirit and innovative literacy, respect students' experience, develop students' personality, and build a comprehensive and rich curriculum system, so that students can master knowledge and form ability in the process of experience, perception and learning They should develop their interest and specialty, form correct value orientation, and become people with moral talent and sound body.
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