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Sichuan Province/Chengdu City  Education / Training 100-499 people
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Sami education is a comprehensive education institution oriented by children's internationalization, focusing on 0-16 years old infants and children's education. Based on the theory of children's cognitive development science and children's psychological development science, and guided by the window of children's learning opportunities, there are six centers, including Sami Early Education Center for 0-6-year-old infants, Sami Education Center, Sami English Center for 3-16-year-old children, children's Art Center, children's music and Culture Center. To meet the needs of children's physical, mental and intellectual development in different growth periods in an all-round way. I strive to change education from product centered to customer-centered and child-centered, and customize personalized training programs for each child.
Enable children to grow up, focus, concentrate, and be the most professional education for children and the most trusted brand for parents!
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