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Jiangsu Province/Zhenjiang City  Education / Training 20-99 people
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Jurong golden baby Vienna kindergarten is the seventh kindergarten of golden baby investment management company of Nanjing gold foil holding group. With a building area of 2700 square meters, the kindergarten was opened in September 2015 with bilingual teaching features. It has been successfully established as a high-quality kindergarten in Jiangsu Province, an advanced school of educational modernization in Zhenjiang City, A-class canteen in Zhenjiang City, Ping'an school garden in Zhenjiang City, and the fifth golden bookmark Reading Promotion base of the whole people;. The kindergarten actively creates a harmonious environment with fresh and fresh colors as the main color and the combination of art and interest. The construction of Kindergarten Based Ecological Curriculum and ecological theme games are deeply loved by children.
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