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E-baylor children's English is a global education brand of positive company. It has gathered more than 200 international senior education experts and child psychology experts. After more than 20 years of experience, it is the first children's English Enlightenment education system in the world, which widely adopts "multi sensory, multimedia and interactive" teaching At present, it is also the most advanced teaching mode of children's English in the world, namely the third generation of children's English teaching mode. The third generation of children's English education model has gone beyond the traditional education mode of "one teacher, one textbook and one blackboard" of the first generation, upgraded the second generation of "interactive whiteboard" education mode and advocated "learning by" Doing "means" doing, thinking, and learning ". Starting from the law of children's learning and cognition, it uses multi sensory and multi-media interactive forms to stimulate children's hearing, vision and touch, effectively unifying" conscious learning "and" unconscious learning ", which not only improves the overall learning effect of children, but also pays attention to the cultivation of children's team cooperation ability and early social contact Ability and future leadership.
In the world, there are more than 40 countries, a total of 17000 children's English education institutions are using the e-blocks teaching system. In the United States, almost 70% of the states adopt e-blocks teaching system as the standard course for children's English Enlightenment Education in non-native English speaking countries.
In 2008, e-baylor children's English introduced the most advanced international children's English education mode into China, set off a wave of reform in domestic children's English training, accelerated the pace of domestic children's English training industry in line with international standards, so that our children can really learn English with the world in a real sense. In just two years, e-beile has developed rapidly and become the leader of children's English Enlightenment Education with many learning centers in China.
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