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Skylark Valley English training school is engaged in English education for young people aged 3-16, covering an area of more than 500 square meters. In the whole English immersion learning atmosphere, we should pay attention to the cultivation of children's comprehensive language ability. The teaching team is supervised by experienced senior English professors, including foreign teachers and Chinese teachers. The difficulty of the course is spiraling. According to the characteristics and learning needs of children of different ages, the original foreign textbooks and GSE are selected. According to the research results of English Phonics (phonetics) and SLA (Second Language Acquisition), this paper gives specific solutions to the common problems in the process of Chinese children's acquisition of English. Skylark Valley has always put the teaching quality first. Every week, there are teaching training and seminars organized by senior teachers to continuously create excellent courses.
We pay attention to the cultivation of children's characters such as optimistic, friendly, persistent and expressive. We pay attention to the cultivation of children's 21st century skills, expand children's cultural vision and help children understand the wider world.