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Hangzhou City/Zhejiang Province   20-99 people
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Kid Lingual was established in 2011 and currently enrolls over 400 students, more than a 500% increase since the current leadership team (an American- Chinese partnership) took over in 2014. This leadership team, which is an equal partnership between a Chinese and American couple, provides a well-rounded perspective through which problems, goals and solutions are all filtered. One of our main goals is to provide a working environment where all our family of staff, Chinese and expats, feel that as part of a team we are all equally supported, respected and understood. This strong bond of friendship, respect and trust provides a healthy environment where we can all work together for the continuous growth and improvement of the school, the students and ourselves. Teachers and other team members are attracted to Kid Lingual because of its dedication to self-awareness, self-reflection and constant and never ending improvement. These aims combined with the Chinese-American support system that is always seeking to build a high level of trust, and loyalty, as well as our efforts to create a positive and friendly work atmosphere leads to a high level of open and honest communication and meaningful interaction amongst all of our family of staff as we strive to be our very best every day.
Because of our growth and success, we are currently expanding and need additional passionate and dedicated English teachers. That’s where you come in! Below is some information about our generous benefits, and expectations for the position. We hope to find additional teachers who love teaching and will be as grateful for the experience of living in China as we are. We aim not to be a stop along the way, but instead to be a home where new and experienced teachers can contribute to creating the best possible experience for our students, parents and staff. 
If joining a tight-knit team committed to a high standard of learning and continuous growth is attractive to you, please contact me at the email address listed. We are looking for a teacher to start IMMEDIATELY or in the new few months depending on availability.
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