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Founded in 2013, Playful Children's English is dedicated to providing international comprehensive English training courses for Chinese children aged 3-12.
In view of the characteristics of Chinese children's learning, and from the point of interest cultivation, we should integrate music, art, science and other multi-dimensional elements into English teaching to make children like English from their hearts. In this process, we can finally cultivate children's English learning habits and guide their learning methods by playing English expert teachers. In order to achieve proficiency in using English as a skill, that is, the ability to use English as a second language. In addition, the rich and colorful cultural development lessons in the English course for children can make the learners'English ability get a comprehensive exercise and improvement, and become the real smallest learners who have the ability to play English!
Play English, let children win in the starting line of international education, achieve early preparation, build children's future international dream! Use high-quality teaching services and high-quality learning effect to win parents'trust and support!
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