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Laixingteng American Arts and Sciences School is for children and families who are determined to master English and are keen on international culture
The tailor-made English high-end education course, carefully designed by the American Ivy League doctor team, aims to build a high-quality classroom integrating China and the West and combining arts and science, help more Chinese children open the door to western culture, accumulate profound humanistic and scientific and technological literacy, and become a "world person" with a global vision.
Lai Xingteng adopts the teaching mode of all English foreign teachers and immersion teaching, and the whole process is dominated by dialogue and discussion. While teaching English, input knowledge, character and international thinking mode that are crucial to children's humanistic and scientific and technological literacy. Through a lot of original reading and classroom discussion, children will master English as their mother tongue and be familiar with western culture, history, classics and contemporary natural science as they understand Chinese culture. Laixingteng classroom school will bring together top foreign / Chinese teachers in China, teach in English, so that children can enjoy world-class educational resources without going abroad.