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FNS International Education & quot, headquartered in Beijing, is a comprehensive industrial chain Education Group for children aged 0-12 years. Adhering to the development concept of "education changes life", enterprises are committed to providing professional and scientific education concepts and services for children, families, schools and society at home and abroad. Let children meet their own good, become their own pride.
First-class teacher team, high-quality and stable Chinese and foreign teachers. Foreign teachers: the mother tongue of the country pronunciation is pure, early childhood education work for more than two years, in a fixed working time for children teaching supervision and assessment, attention, focus on each child; secondary teachers: kindergarten teacher-related professional, regular psychological training for children, patience to understand children; scientific curriculum design, strict internal The Ministry's training and evaluation system strictly controls every teacher from qualifications to methods, from classroom to practice, and ensures the quality of teachers.
Advanced teaching concept, cultivate small citizens in the 21st century. From the six directions of English thinking, communication, leadership, creativity, thinking and collaboration, we can promote the all-round development of small citizens; pure foreign teachers'English immersion teaching, let children immerse in English, which is conducive to the formation of English language habits, English as their second mother tongue.
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