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****tion 认证企业
Guangdong/Guangzhou/Tianhe District Private enterprises Educated/training 20-99 people
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About Youbei:
As a pioneer of "immigrant English" in Chinese English education, Younibet International Education relies on the world's leading California quality education resources to provide K-12 basic education for Chinese students aged 3-12 in the United States. Its curriculum is complete and continuous, and it fully follows the cognitive rules of children. Its knowledge points and learning methods are from shallow to deep. Let your children enjoy quality English education in the United States without going abroad.
Forerunner of immigration English in Chinese-English education, UniBest provides American K-12 elementary education for Chinese children aged from 3-12 years old, relying on the high quality and world leading educational resources used in California. Ave the students aware of the content of the class. The course consistency has been thought to go from simple to the deep as it goes further. Here at UniBest, children will enjoy the best quality of American English education available in China.
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