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Hunan Province/Chenzhou City Private enterprises Educated/training 480Million RMB 20-99 people
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Fukushima International Education
For-Young International Education, founded in 2018, is a high-end English training institution for all age groups. Our school is founded by a group of professional, enthusiastic and energetic young people, most of whom have overseas study experience and many years of teaching experience. We have introduced qualified foreign teachers and a large number of high-quality original textbooks from Europe and the United States to provide pure and authentic English teaching for our students.
Our school covers an area of more than 2000 square meters. At present, there are two campuses in this city with complete teaching safety qualifications and perfect hardware equipments. They are equipped with theme classrooms for children, multimedia classrooms, network materials reading area and self-study room. At the same time, our school's "YOUNG" water bar provides parents and students with a comfortable and elegant leisure environment.
"F" means "Forward" goes forward actively
"O" means "Organized" organization
"R" means "Reputation" has a reputation
"Y" means "Young" young
"O" means "Open-Minded" Opening
"U" means "United" solidarity
"N" means "Natural" Nature
"G" means "Generate" Creation
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